About Us

Lia de Lancey (BSc, MSc)

Over the years Lia has worked in a variety of roles in the fields of organisational psychology, ergonomics & HCI in the UK, Ireland and India. She brings her extensive experience and expertise to the field of Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing (SEO/SEM) to create unique value & perspective for businesses.

She is a busy mum of two lively kids and she has a keen interest in health and environmental issues.

Peter Pudaite (BSc, MSc, MBA)

Peter is a seasoned consultant with nearly two decades of experience in the telecom, food service, and transport industries across three continents. His roles have spanned a spectrum of disciplines including, engineering, software development, marketing, and management. He is applying his expansive experience to SEO & SEM to generate deep insights that deliver value to clients.

Peter has always had a passion for photography and travel.

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