Why is SEO Important to a Business?

Are you wondering why you need SEO? Perhaps you’re wondering what role SEO plays in digital marketing? Read on to find out why SEO is becoming increasingly more important.

SEO is a set of techniques that help your website become more visible online. It’s a way of structuring your website and tailoring its content to show search engines, like Google, that you are a better resource than others. This can also be applied to other platforms such as social media accounts, business directories, press releases and 3rd party blog posts. This is why SEO is so important in digital marketing – if you ignore SEO you’ll find you have difficulty moving up Google search rankings and finding customers online. As more websites use SEO it will become harder and harder to compete effectively online without it.

Benefits of SEO

  • Increase in high quality traffic
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Increase in leads and sales (including offline sales)
  • Increased visibility online and brand awareness
  • Higher returns on investment than advertising
  • Higher click through rates than online adverts
  • Helps small businesses compete against larger companies

Disadvantages of SEO

SEO does have disadvantages, the main one being that it takes time to see results. If you’re in the lucky position of having little online competition, you may find that your rankings improve greatly in a week or two, but this is not the norm. It’s more usual that the effects of SEO work accumulate gradually over several months or more. It’s also important to note that SEO is a constantly evolving field as search engine algorithms are being updated continuously. So it’s not something that you can do once and forget about, particularly if you have a lot of high quality online competition.

It’s also important to be wary of black hat SEO techniques. Not so much a disadvantage of SEO, rather a disadvantage of poor SEO. Black hat techniques essential try and “game” the search engine algorithms but creates a poor user experience for people searching for relevant & useful content. Given that this impacts their reputation, search engines therefore monitor for such behaviour and will penalise websites found doing so causing page rankings to drop precipitously. And this can be hard to recover from. Anyone offering quick and easy ranking improvements is likely to be applying black hat techniques and your website will suffer in the long-term.

Where do I start?

So…how do you do SEO? Where do you start? Can you even do it by yourself? Well, yes, you can do it by yourself if you have the time and commitment to find information, learn new techniques and stay abreast of the fast pace of the SEO world. It also helps to have a good grounding in marketing to ensure that your SEO work will be effective. In that case, start by reading the resources below or check out our DIY SEO Package which gets you setup with the knowledge and tools to do your own SEO.

However, if you need help and you want to fast track your SEO work, try our Free Site Audit to identify any issues on your site. Or visit our services page to see our range of SEO and digital marketing services which enable you to pick and choose the services most relevant to you. If nothing suits we of course can tailor things for you.


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Semantic Ocean’s Beginners Resources for SEO – a collection of carefully curated, high quality resources to help you get started with your own SEO so you don’t have to trawl the web looking for them yourself!

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