Learn to do your own SEO with our DIY SEO package

There’s a huge amount of information online about SEO but the sheer volume of it can be overwhelming.  It’s hard to know where to start.  Perhaps you’re a small business owner lacking technical skills and the funds to hire an SEO agency at this time.  We can help!  Our aim is to help you to create a clear plan of action without having to wade through reams of information that may not be relevant to you.  Our DIY SEO package provides you with a 2 hour one on one tutorial to get you started.

What We Do
  • Set you up with SEO & analytics tools and show you how to use them
  • Teach you how to develop customer profiles
  • Help you develop an outline marketing plan
  • Show you how to do keyword research and get your list of keywords started
  • Guide you through webpage optimisation using one of your pages as an example

After you’ve completed our DIY SEO tutorial, you will be able to use tools to identify which areas of your site need SEO work, understand how to conduct your own keyword research and understand how to target your customers effectively using SEO.

Where Do I Start?

Contact us today to purchase your DIY SEO package.


Find out more about doing your own SEO with our Beginners Resources for SEO.

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