Get More Targeted Traffic with SEO

SEO is a set of techniques that help you promote your website by becoming more visible online. Through optimising your site, and creating relevant and compelling content you can move up Google search rankings, and grow your audience on social media. This greater visibility using information highly related to your audience’s needs helps you reach more people and drive targeted traffic (users that are specifically interested in your goods or services) to your website, therefore increasing leads and sales.

If you don’t make money directly from your website or it’s only an informational resource for your customers (detailing your services and contact details), SEO can still help by targeting people who are most likely to want to use your offline services. The key is to profile your target audience by their needs, interests, and questions, then organise and optimise your content to appeal to your audience to engage with you, online or offline. SEO achieves this through a variety of technical and non-technical methodologies and processes.

Where do I start?

If you’re unsure as to how to use your website or social media accounts to your advantage, our Digital Strategy Audit can help to give you direction and focus. Our Targeted, Competitive, and Competitive Content SEO packages will help you attract a targeted audience. We also offer alternative packages and add ons in our services page (although we do have the flexibility to offer tailor made packages should you require them). You can also use our Free Site Audit and Site Audit Analysis to identify how to start optimising your website.


The Importance of Targeted Traffic by Mr SEO – a concise overview as to why targeted traffic is important for your business.

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