Beginners Resources for SEO

Beginners Resources for SEO

by Lia de Lancey February 05, 2018

Once upon a time, we set up a website and looked for SEO services to help accelerate growth. What we found were services that were disconnected from our business and provided questionable value.  So we did it ourselves!

We know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with information and unsure of where to start.  So we’ve carefully curated these basic resources for you.  No need to spend hours trawling the web wondering which sources are reliable!  Check out the links below to find out more about how SEO works and how to put it into practice on your own site.

About SEO

Google SEO Starter Guide – This article gives you the basics from Google itself (with a handy glossary at the bottom of the page for those who don’t have a technical background).

Moz Beginners Guide to SEO – This is a complete guide to SEO from, a well established authority in the SEO world.  It will help you to understand how search engines work, why SEO is important and what the various components of SEO are.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO by Unamo – This article gives you an overview of the basics of technical SEO in simple terms.
Technical SEO Beginners Guide by Quicksprout – A more in depth discussion of technical SEO with lots of useful resources.
Google Page Speed Insights Tool – provides an analysis of the reasons why a page may be slow to load, both from a mobile and desktop perspective.
Google Mobile Friendly Test – helps you to evaluate the mobile usability of your website.
Google Sitemap Generator – A WordPress plugin by Google that creates an XML site map for your site.
Smushit – A WordPress plugin that automatically compresses your images as you upload them to your site.
Optimizilla – A tool that compresses your images ready to upload to your (non-Wordpress) site.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO by Backlinko – Detailed but clear infographic with explanation which gives you all the essentials for on page SEO.  Use this to fast track your on page SEO!
Everything You Need to Know about On Page SEO by Search Engine Journal – Detailed explanation of all the elements of on page SEO and why they are important, written in simple terms.
On Page Factors by Moz – Clear and concise list of on page ranking factors.
Moz Title Tag Preview Tool – Moz’s Title Tag Preview Tool shows you what your title tag will look like in Google search results.


How to do Keyword Research by Hubspot – A good overview of how to do keyword research.
Keyword Research by Backlinko – A more detailed article with some great ideas to kickstart your keyword research.
Adwords Keyword Planner – Google Adwords Keyword Planner allows you to enter potential keywords and get search volume. It also makes suggestions for related keywords.
Moz Keyword Tool – Use Moz’s keyword tool to enter your keywords with the highest search volumes. The tool then gives you keyword difficulty, organic CTR, and a priority score to help you decide which keywords to prioritise. can be a useful addition to identify any keywords you’ve missed. When you enter your keyword it will generate 25 keyword suggestions along with search volume, difficulty and trend data (and more). BUT don’t use this as a substitute for brainstorming using your customer profiles, rather an additional tool.


SEO Content Beginners Guide by Wordstream – Good overview of content creation using SEO principles.
Content SEO Checklist by Search Engine Land – Overview of content creation with useful checklist.
What is Content Marketing by Neil Patel – Detailed article illustrating what makes content stand out.

Social Media

Improve your Search Rank with Social Media by Social Media Examiner – Overview of how to use social media to  improve SEO.
Get more Click Throughs from Social Media by Quicksprout – Tips to use social media to increase traffic to your site.
Twitter Advanced Search – allows you to find out what people are talking about on social media in order to inform your SEO, identify opportunities for publishing relevant content and improve your business services.
Hootsuite and Tweetdeck – Both of these give you live updates on conversations about your chosen search terms allowing you to either respond to the conversation in a timely manner or identify opportunities.
Google Alerts – similar to Hootsuite and Tweetdeck gives you regular updates on what’s trending in relation to your chosen search terms.
Ritetag – gives guidance to help choose the right hashtags for your posts.


How to Build Backlinks to your website by Bluleadz – Good overview of how to improve your backlink profile.
Smart Ways to get Quality Backlinks by CrazyEgg – Overview of how to get quality backlinks.
SEMrush – a good all round audit tool that provides details of your backlinks.

Mobile SEO

Mobile Optimisation by Moz – Concise overview of mobile SEO factors.
Mobile SEO Ultimate Guide by Yoast – Detailed explanation of how to optimise for mobile.

Local SEO

Simple Ways to Dominate in Local Search – This article gives you the top ways to get established in local SEO.
Local SEO by Moz – Moz’s learning centre provides a thorough and more detailed explanation of the various factors that make up local SEO.

Tracking Metrics

Measuring and Tracking Success by Moz – A guide as to where to start with tracking metrics.
Tracking SEO with Google Analytics by Yoast – Article which highlights how to use your Google Analytics account to track the results of your SEO work.
Absolute Beginners Guide to Google Analytics by Moz – Good guide as to how to use Google Analytics for beginners.
Beginners Guide to Google Search Console by Moz – Good guide as to how to use Google Search Console for beginners.

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