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What is SEO?
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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a set of marketing techniques used to make your website more visible online.  Search engines aim to help users find the most useful websites, and they use complex algorithms to do this.  Providing a great user experience and demonstrating this to search engine bots is the main aim of SEO.  The key activities of SEO are:

  • Technical structure and site performance – to ensure that your website is easy for your visitors to use
  • Keyword analysis – to rank well for the search terms your customers are using
  • On page SEO – to help users and search bots understand what your site is about
  • Content analysis – to ensure a quality user experience and maximise distribution and sharing of the content online
  • Local SEO – to rank higher for location specific searches
  • Mobile SEO – to ensure a good user experience on mobile devices
Benefits of SEO

Due to the diverse nature of business, every organisation will have its own end goals, but the main benefit of SEO is to drive more customers to your site and increase conversion rates and/or sales.  It’s important to note that whilst rank position (where you appear in the web search results) can be an indicator of the effectiveness of SEO work, it is not the end goal.  Rankings fluctuate constantly but it takes consistent SEO efforts over time to produce long lasting results in terms of site traffic and, in particular,conversions.

Our Services

Here at Semantic Ocean we understand that every business is at a different stage with their SEO. We’ve broken down our services into packages so that you can target exactly the areas that you need.

Site Audit and Analysis

Use our free site audit tool to get a nearly instant overview of the key SEO issues on your site such as site performance, keyword distribution, mobile usability, etc. We can also provide a much more detailed free SEO audit if you contact us. If you don’t have a technical background or are unsure what to prioritise we offer a service to analyse the site audit report to help you understand the root causes and what actions you need to take.

Customer Profiling

For any type of marketing to be effective you need to have a clear idea of who you are selling to and their defining characteristics. If you haven’t already undertaken this crucial step we can help you to explicitly define who your customers are and what they want so that you can target them effectively.

Digital Strategy Audit

For a business, to be online can mean many things, mailing lists, instagram, blogs, snapchat, whatsapp, youtube…  Each platform has its pros, cons & nuances so what is appropriate for your business? A Digital Strategy Audit reviews your business & marketing strategy and identifies the most appropriate digital platforms and tactics to achieve your business goals. It will give you the clarity to focus your online efforts to what will give the best returns.


For those of you who wish to go it alone, we have a special DIY SEO package which will get you hitting the ground running.

Industry Insights SEO Package

If you’re just starting out with your SEO and want to get an overview of areas to target specific to your industry and advice on how to get started yourself, then this package is for you. We analyse your website & industry to identify which areas you need to target and improve with SEO (includes keywords, on page factors, content, local SEO, domain authority and mobile SEO). We provide industry level insights & advice on keywords, content and social media. This SEO package will provide you with the an excellent starting point to compete effectively in your industry.

Targeted SEO Package

If you want a thorough SEO audit of your entire site with detailed advice on actions required to target your customers, this package is for you.  Based on target customer profiles, we conduct an in depth manual site audit (including keyword analysis, on page factors, content analysis, local SEO, domain authority, mobile SEO and social media) and give you tailored advice in a personalised report, including copy editing of up to 5 existing pages of SEO data, such as page titles, meta descriptions and contents.
This package provides the option for us to undertake your ongoing SEO maintenance to monitor customer targeting performance and initiate remediation where necessary.

*Completed customer profiles will be required or we can workshop this with you.

Competitive SEO Package

If your aim is to increase your market share or to outrank your competitors, avail of this package. You get all the benefits of the Tailored SEO Package but we also conduct a competitive analysis of up to 4 competitors (including keywords, content analysis, local SEO, domain authority and social media) and provide an actionable plan to you.
The ongoing maintenance option includes monitoring of competitive ranking performance and initiation of remediation with the addition of monthly competitor monitoring.

*Completed customer profiles will be required or we can workshop this with you.

Competitive Content SEO Package

This is a complete SEO overhaul, which includes all the benefits of previous packages but with the addition of a digital strategy audit to align your online presence with your marketing goals, and create a content plan in line with your digital strategy.
The ongoing maintenance option includes performance monitoring, remediation, competitor monitoring and management of content creation for your site.

*Completed customer profiles will be required or we can workshop this with you.

Search Ad PPC Management

One of the main disadvantages of SEO is the delay between publishing content and ranking on web search results.  Paid search ads allow a business to quickly promote a time sensitive offer or jump start brand awareness while SEO efforts are ongoing.

We offer a Google search ads management service that frees you from the research, ad creation and active monitoring required in running search ads effectively.

Search Ad PPC Management Pricing

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